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Reflexology: Physiology, Benefits, and Techniques

[Reflexology]Reflexology is a physiological treatment. There are pressure points on the bottoms of the feet and the palms of the hands that correspond to all of the organs of the body. Reflexology works by the stimulation of the nerve endings at these pressure points to interrupt stress patterns that build up within various parts of the body. Reflexology is not a substitute for conventional medical or surgical therapy, but it is often used as a complementary therapy in combination with conventional medical treatments.

Trauma can disrupt functions in our body, mind, or spirit. Reflexology enables the healing of body, mind, and spirit by the stimulation of pressure points and nerve endings that are located in the feet and hands that correspond to the various parts and functions of the body. Foot Reflexology works especially well in balancing the hormones of the endocrine system. Hand reflexology works well to correct digestive disorders. Reflexology may relieve tension and pain. Reflexology may facilitate mental or spiritual healing.

Many people with the following illnesses have been helped by Reflexology treatments, acid reflux; acne; allergies; arthritis; asthma; constipation; digestive problems; eczema; fatigue; fertility problems; general pain reduction; headaches; insomnia; jetlag; kidney stones; low energy levels; menopause; migraine; neuralgia; PMS; respiratory infections; sinusitis; skin disorders; sluggish circulation; and stress.

Jeanne Grace Curtis
Certified Reflexologist & Ordained Minister

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Hand & Foot Reflexology (Mind, Body, & Spirit Alignment) is an extremely effective form of hand and foot therapy that beneficially affects functions throughout the body. The gentle stimulation of pressure point reflexes on the hands and feet causes the production of endorphines in corresponding body parts that encourages the body to heal itself at its own pace.

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